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Ok to Board

Do I need Ok to board message when travelling to UAE?
Passengers traveling from India, Pakistan or Bangladesh to the UAE holding a copy of UAE visa or e-visa require "Ok to Board" message on their reservation. Passengers carrying original visa document do not require it.

If you are transiting via Sharjah to a destination with visa on arrival, e-visa or paper visa, please make sure to check the requirements from the relevant Ministry of Foreign Affairs prior to your trip.

How to add "Ok To Board" message on the reservation?
The sponsor or the representative of the passenger can visit the nearest Air Arabia office in person holding the original visa document. Our staff will verify the document add the "Ok To Board" message on the reservation.

Is there any charges to update the Ok To Board message?Yes, there is a fee of AED 15.When can I update the Ok To Board message?
Ok To Board message needs to be done minimum 24 hours before the flight departure.