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To make a booking for an infant, please select the number of infants traveling with you while creating your booking through, our 24hrs call center, sales offices, or our partner travel agents.

Infants are classified as children under the age of two years. Air Arabia will not accept infants below 2 days (48hrs) for travel under any circumstances.   Infants are allowed to travel on all Air Arabia flight as per the below conditions:


Below 48hrs (2 days)

Infant will not be accepted under any circumstances.

From 3rd day to 6th  day

Accepted with a Fit to Fly certificate for Infant or Indemnity form signed by the parent.

7 days or more

Accepted without any restriction


Note: Every infant has to be accompanied with one adult for safety reasons.

An infant fee will be charged for each infant, and you can check the fee here.

Baby bassinets are subject to availability and are only available for front row seated passengers.