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Frequently asked Questions

Credit use

You can redeem credit held with Air Arabia against any new flight yourself through our website or contacting our call center or sales shop. While using the credit, please make sure:

  1. The flight departure date of the new ticket is within one year from the date of the initial payment of the existing credits.
  2. Credits is redeemed for the same passenger(s) who were included in the original flight holding credit amount.

Redeem credit through website

Please follow below steps to redeem the credit yourself through our website:

  1. Select your new flight and proceed to the payment page.
  2. On payment page, select Yes in below section to redeem credit from the earlier reservation.

  3. Enter the original reservation number and click on Redeem button.

  4. This will redeem the credit for the same passengers as in original booking and show the confirmation message along with the redeemed amount.

  5. You will have to pay the remaining amount to confirm the booking. If redeemed amount covers the full payment, you can confirm the booking without any payment.

Note: In case you don't confirm the booking for any reason, credit will be returned back to the original reservation within 2 hours.

Redeem credit through contact center or sales shop

  1. Call our contact center or visit any of the sales shops.
  2. Let the support staff know the new flight details you want to book along with the original reservation number holding credit amount.
  3. They will create the booking and guide you about paying the remaining amount. If credit amount is sufficient to pay the full payment, you will be able to book the flight without any further payment.