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Frequently asked Questions

Check-in online

Online check in is available across the majority of Air Arabia destinations. Click here to check-in.

Online check-in will be open 48 hours prior to departure time.

You will be asked to provide your reservation number, name, flight date, flight number, and specify your origin airport. Once all of the steps are completed you will be issued a boarding pass which you need to print and present at the airport.

In case you are traveling without a checked luggage, you can use this boarding pass to board the flight directly without the need of passing through the check in counters.

In case you are traveling with a checked luggage, you are kindly required to approach the “Baggage Drop Off Counters” dedicated for the online checked in passengers, where you will check in your luggage and collect the luggage tags then proceed to your gate.

Note: Some airports authorities do not accept the online boarding pass; thus you will be required to replace it at the dedicated check-in counters of your flight within the regular counter opening time if requested to do so.