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Air Arabia Chat Support

Welcome to Air Arabia's chat space.

Please click on the chat icon on your bottom-right to start the chat session.

 You can also connect with us through our Whatsapp support number +971 600 508001.

We have a chatbot which can help you with:

  • Flight status
  • Your booking's status
  • Getting your itinerary in the email
  • Schedule of individual flights under your booking
  • Retrieve your booking to help you continue with the flight modification and cancellation
  • Frequently asked questions

In instances where the chatbot is unable to fulfill your request, it will guide you to the appropriate webpage where you can independently complete the necessary actions. Alternatively, it offers the option to connect you with one of our live support representatives.

In situations where a live support representative is unavailable, the chatbot can assist you in generating an enquiry. Our support team will review your enquiry and reach out to you via phone or email for further assistance.