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In addition to providing air transportation to passengers, Air Arabia also provides cargo services with a set mission to remain the most innovative, the most creative, and the most secure in order to provide customers with best practices, best services and best tools for cargo business. Air Arabia’s vision is to be the leading cargo trend setter in Air Cargo Industry.

The carrier operates cargo to more than 50 destinations throughout the network and is in a state of continuous growth. One of the major products handled by Air Arabia is express products which suit the carrier’s operation.

Products carried by Air Arabia include:

  • General Cargo
  • Perishable Cargo
  • Courier
  • Post Box mail
  • Company Material
  • Human Remains

Restricted products include:

  • Dangerous Goods
  • Live animals
  • Fresh Meat
  • Liquid Items

Air Arabia Cargo is fully integrated with the latest Cargo Flash system which ensures a solid foundation for the service.

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For any inquries and compalints you can email at and for cargo space email at

Here are few easy steps to go on Air cargo on Air Arabia:

  1. First, make sure everything is packed well to be shipped by Air freight.
  2. Next, check the dimensions and weight of the shipment.
  3. You should next send a request for an offer to your local freight forwarder at the country of departure/Air Arabia.
  4. The freight forwarder/Airline will then send you his offer.
  5. Airline Charges
  6. Air freight Charge – The air freight charge is priced per chargeable kg.
  7. Fuel Charge – the fuel charge is normally the price for fuel/kg actual weight.
  8. Security – This is a charge for the security measures they need to apply, this is charged per/kg of actual weight.
  9. Local charges – As per local airport charge, usually include Customs clearance, pick up, handling, screening etc.
  10. If you accept the offer, you will have to send the commercial invoice for the customs clearance or you can do it in person with the customs authorities.
  11. Finally, go through the airport procedures locally managed by the airport, hand over the cargo and get an acknowledgement receipt of the same and inform the consignee about the arrival status.

Click below link for Air Arabia's conditions of carriage for cargo.  

Cargo Conditions of Carriage

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Where we fly

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Flight schedules

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Booking channels

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