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Discover Abha

Abha Resort and The Abha Lake Dam

The New Abha Resort and The Abha Lake Dam are a must-see. Stroll around the lakeside in the 300,000 square-meter garden and dine at the luxurious Abha Palace Hotel with peaceful views of the lake and city. You can take a scenic cable car ride from the resort to the Green Mountain.

Habala, the Hanging Village

Learn about the village by going on a thrilling cable car ride down to Habala, the Hanging Village. This ancient village was built halfway down a cliff face, and it used to be only accessible by ropes. It’s believed that the villagers fled the Ottomans here and lived in isolation completely self-sufficient until they were rediscovered by a Saudi army helicopter.

Green Mountain

Drive up to the Green Mountain in the middle of Abha city. The “mountain” is actually a hill overlooking the city which is beautifully lit with green lights in the night. There’s a restaurant and café at the top with an outdoor terrace where visitors can enjoy views of Abha. Try the mint tea and sheesha while enjoying the sunset and the cool breeze on the terrace.

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