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Plenty of smaller boutique-style and major hotel chain are available

Getting around

Public buses take you to most parts of the city

Best time to visit

Almaty is a traveller's dream during the month of April which coincides with late spring or early autumn, when the weather is most favourable. The warmest months are July and August while winters usually flow into December and January.

Time zone

+6hrs GMT




Kazakh, Russian

Entdecken Almaty

Dig deeper for new perspectives

Dubbed the Grand Canyon's 'little brother', Charyn Canyon in Charyn National Park is an extraordinary natural rock formation. Capture a spectacular view from the bottom in the 'Valley of Castles', where you can gaze up at the towering gorge walls.

Get a panoramic view of the city

On the city's southeast edge is Kök-Töbe, the 1100-metre-high hillock with a flurry of attractions. Hop into a cable car for a leisurely ride up, then make time for a little roller-coaster rush before catching breath-taking vistas as the sun goes down.

Go on a soul searching pilgrimage

Built without a single nail, emerged through an earthquake and still commanding attention, the Ascension Cathedral in the city's Panfilov Park is a sight to behold. The golden domes and kaleidoscopic colour palette are Insta-worthy moments.

Indulge in old-school retail therapy

For a shopping experience that's anything but commonplace, the colossal Barakholka flea market is a must-visit hotspot. Hustle your way to a good bargain in this old-style bazaar that sells anything from live animals to shower caps.

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