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Uçak Biletito Milano

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Hotels in Milan can be expensive, but there are cheaper options too

Getting around

Taxis, buses, trains

Best time to visit

February to November

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Keşfetmek Milano

Science and technology museum

Founded in 1953, the Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci this is the largest science and technology museum in Italy. Housed in an early 16th century Olivetan monastery, it was named after Leonardo da Vinci whose machines, sketches and influence can be found here in abundance. The collection traces the key phases of Italy’s scientific and technological evolution. Educational activities are integrated through interactive labs (i.labs) to engage visitors in the discovery and exploration of science.

Milan's Duomo

Milan's Duomo, or Cathedral, is the largest Gothic cathedral in the world. Construction started in 1386 but took nearly 500 years to complete. 135 spires and 3200 statues adorn the Duomo roof and you can take an elevator (or climb the stairs) to the rooftop for a close-up view as well as magnificent views of the city below. Piazza del Duomo, the square where the cathedral sits, is the hub of Milan's historic centre. Also on the square are a statue of Vittorio Emanuele and the Palazzo Reale housing the Duomo Museum and Contemporary Art Museum.

Leonardo Da Vinci's famous fresco

The 15th century Convent of Santa Maria della Grazie houses Leonardo Da Vinci's famous fresco, the Last Supper. Although the building was bombed in 1943, the fresco survived. To see the fresco, it's necessary to book in advance.

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