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Авиабилеты Куда Yanbu

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Getting Around


Best time to visit

November to April

Time Zone

+4hrs GMT


Saudi Riyal


Arabic and English

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Scuba diving

The main scuba diving location is an empty beach located north of Yanbu’s creek. The reef consists of a steeply sloping wall in most places that goes down to around 100 feet or more before reaching a less steeply sloped sandy bottom. Occasionally there are sandy shelves at between 70 and 30 feet. There are many cavern-like structures in the shallow areas at the top of the wall, but don’t go very far back.

Around the city

With beautiful waterfronts nearby, it is not surprising that sailing, fishing and other water sports are popular at Yanbu. The city operates a marina and has developed stretches of beachfront for swimming and picnicking.

Лучшие тарифы на рейсы Куда Yanbu

Шарджа Куда Янбу

Шарджа Куда Янбу

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Тируванантапурам Куда Янбу

Тируванантапурам Куда Янбу

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Каликут Куда Янбу

Каликут Куда Янбу

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Ахмедабад Куда Янбу

Ахмедабад Куда Янбу

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Хайдарабад Куда Янбу

Хайдарабад Куда Янбу

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Ченнай Куда Янбу

Ченнай Куда Янбу

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