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Авиабилеты Куда Танжер

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Hotels to suit all budgets

Getting Around

Walking or petit taxis

Best time to visit

September-November and March-May

Time Zone

+1hr GMT


Moroccan Dirham


Spanish, French, Arabic

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Kasbah mosque

This populous city many historic attractions. Take a tour of the Kasbah mosque and explore the Grand Socco and Petit Socco in the area of the Medina. Like other Moroccan cities, Tangier has several traditional markets or souqs as they are referred to. Find the enthusiasm to bargain spices, carpets and other trinkets.

Museum of Moroccan Art

Get a glimpse of Tangier’s local history and Moroccan history in general at the Museum of Moroccan Art. Some may find the Forbes Museum fascinating. It has a collection of a total of 115,000 models of lead soldiers. These figures re-enacted the major battles of history; from Waterloo to Dien Bien Phû, realistically recreated with lighting and sound effects.

Turkish bath

The city has plenty of fantastic restaurants. For those looking to rest their tired limbs find a hammam, the local version of “Turkish bath.” You may decide to take a day trip to Asilah, a small fishing village known for its beautiful beaches. If you travel to the nearby village of Kalaa you can venture into the Rif Mountains, which offer hiking routes for adventurous travellers

Лучшие тарифы на рейсы Куда Танжер

Брюссель Куда Танжер

Брюссель Куда Танжер

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Амстердам-Скипол Куда Танжер

Амстердам-Скипол Куда Танжер

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Лондон Гатвик Куда Танжер

Лондон Гатвик Куда Танжер

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Барселона Куда Танжер

Барселона Куда Танжер

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Париж, Шарль де Голль Куда Танжер

Париж, Шарль де Голль Куда Танжер

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Мадрид - Барахас Международный - T1 Куда Танжер

Мадрид - Барахас Международный - T1 Куда Танжер

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