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Авиабилеты Куда Шарджа

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November to April

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The Al-Hisn Museum

This historic fortress was the home of Sharjah’s rulers for over 200 years. The site has always been a beloved public forum where the sultan’s subjects could meet for special occasions. The complex is divided into several sections, including an interesting museum detailing the restoration of the fort, an exhibition of weapons, and the Al Qassimi Library. The fort’s blend of beautiful artefacts and stunning architecture makes it a popular attraction.

The Qanat Al Qasba

is a massive 10,000-acre complex featuring entertainment, and cultural and dining venues. A 30-metre-wide water canal runs for 1,000 metres through the complex, crossed by pedestrian bridges and lined by cafés on both banks. Boats are available to give you a cruise along the canal, while the main Masrah Al Qasba theatre regularly hosts special events. There is also a huge exhibition area that holds ongoing exhibits.

One of Sharjah's newest museums

Opened in 2008, presents the important role the sea has played in this Emirate's development over the centuries. Sharjah was first settled more than 6,000 years ago due to its ideal seaside location. This museum displays traditional dhows that were used in ancient times for fishing, pearling and trading. The historic Arabian pearl industry is also explored, as are many other facets of maritime life in early Sharjah.

Лучшие тарифы на рейсы Куда Шарджа

Кочи Куда Шарджа

Кочи Куда Шарджа

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Тируванантапурам Куда Шарджа

Тируванантапурам Куда Шарджа

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Коимбатор Куда Шарджа

Коимбатор Куда Шарджа

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Каир Куда Шарджа

Каир Куда Шарджа

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Александрию Куда Шарджа

Александрию Куда Шарджа

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Бейрут Куда Шарджа

Бейрут Куда Шарджа

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Амман Куда Шарджа

Амман Куда Шарджа

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Ченнай Куда Шарджа

Ченнай Куда Шарджа

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Мумбай Куда Шарджа

Мумбай Куда Шарджа

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Гоа Куда Шарджа

Гоа Куда Шарджа

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