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Авиабилеты Куда Эр-Рияд

С одного взгляда


Hotels to suit all budgets

Getting Around

Bus, train, and taxi

Best time to visit

November to March

Time Zone

+3hrs GMT


Saudi Riyal


Arabic, English

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King Abdulaziz Historical Center

You can be in King Abdulaziz Historical Center (the National Museum) from 9 am to 12 pm. This would take you through history and make you relive it. You can also visit Kind Abdulaziz Center where you can know more about his simple life and see some of his possessions which he received as gifts from other countries’ rulers. You will surely enjoy watching the antique displays.


You can go to Thumama area to enjoy horse riding and ride motorcycles and to experience the charming nights of Riyadh while the children can play freely. Then you can have dinner in one of the traditional restaurants.

Al-Masmak Fort

You go downtown to visit Al-Masmak Fort, from where the city of Riyadh was conquered and watch a documentary about how it was done.

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Шарджа Куда Эр-Рияд

Шарджа Куда Эр-Рияд

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Тбилиси Куда Эр-Рияд

Тбилиси Куда Эр-Рияд

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Бахрейн Куда Эр-Рияд

Бахрейн Куда Эр-Рияд

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Катманду Куда Эр-Рияд

Катманду Куда Эр-Рияд

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Стамбул-Сабиха Куда Эр-Рияд

Стамбул-Сабиха Куда Эр-Рияд

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Хайдарабад Куда Эр-Рияд

Хайдарабад Куда Эр-Рияд

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