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Авиабилеты Куда Хартум

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There are a lot of hotels to choose from

Getting around

Taxis and buses

Best time to visit

January to April and October to December

Time zone

+3hrs GMT


Sudani rial



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The National Museum

Khartoum is haven for tourists who love site-seeing and shopping. The National Museum of Sudan displays great epochs of Sudanese history including exhibits of historic Egyptian temples. Other sites include the Palace Museum and the Presidential Palace that is just adjacent to it.


You will enjoy shopping for cheap but incredible stuff in Khartoum. They have open markets called souqs. The Souq Arabi is the largest in the region and it is located south of the Great Mosque. There are many sections of merchandise here including one that sells gold.

Around the city

But what a tourist shouldn’t miss is seeing Khartoum at night, as it is very scenic. Khartoum is indeed a beauty amidst the all the wrath.

Лучшие тарифы на рейсы Куда Хартум

Шарджа Куда Хартум

Шарджа Куда Хартум

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Даммам Куда Хартум

Даммам Куда Хартум

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Эр-Рияд Куда Хартум

Эр-Рияд Куда Хартум

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Маскат Куда Хартум

Маскат Куда Хартум

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Эль-Касим Куда Хартум

Эль-Касим Куда Хартум

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Кувейт Куда Хартум

Кувейт Куда Хартум

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