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Авиабилеты Куда Гассим

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All year round

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+3hrs GMT


Saudi Riyal


Arabic, English

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Handicrafts & hand woven textiles

Handicrafts are well developed in Gassim and include hand woven textiles and fibre items; sales outlets are now limited for handcrafts but a new handicraft market is being developed in central Buraydah and recently restored village souks can offer handicraft shops; folklore is also well developed and still practiced.


Festivals are an important component of tourism in Gassim and seven cities and towns organise festivals, mostly in the summer but also some in the winter and during Eid Al Fitr. Unayzah organised the first festival four years ago and currently has the longest summer festival at 45 days.

Sand dunes

Sand dunes occupy about 15% of the province's landscape, and lie especially in the southeastern extension of the Nafud al Kabir in the eastern part of the province. The sand dunes are very scenic and also offer the opportunity for sports.

Лучшие тарифы на рейсы Куда Гассим

Шарджа Куда Эль-Касим

Шарджа Куда Эль-Касим

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Тбилиси Куда Эль-Касим

Тбилиси Куда Эль-Касим

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Бахрейн Куда Эль-Касим

Бахрейн Куда Эль-Касим

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Дакка Куда Эль-Касим

Дакка Куда Эль-Касим

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Баку Куда Эль-Касим

Баку Куда Эль-Касим

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Бангалор Куда Эль-Касим

Бангалор Куда Эль-Касим

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