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Getting around

Hail a taxi or use the bus

Best time to visit

April, May

Time zone

+3hrs GMT


Iraqi Dinar


Arabic, Kurdish, Assyrian, Armenian

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Admire the Abbasid Palace

A fine remnant of 13th century Baghdad, overlooking the Tigris River. It is one of the oldest buildings in the city representing a period when Baghdad was a centre of education as well as trade.

The Arch of Ctesiphon

Sitting east of Baghdad along the Tigris River, the Arch of Ctesiphon is built of mud brick and is the most spectacular remnant of a city that was captured variously through the century by the Romans, Byzantine Empire, Parthians and Sassanians. It was a remarkable feat of engineering for its time.


An hour south of Baghdad is the historical site of Babylon and it's legendary Hanging Gardens. Dating back to 2300 BC, Babylon was a political and religious centre for successive empires.

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Шарджа Куда Багдад

Шарджа Куда Багдад

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Эр-Рияд Куда Багдад

Эр-Рияд Куда Багдад

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Хартум Куда Багдад

Хартум Куда Багдад

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Кочи Куда Багдад

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Дели Куда Багдад

Дели Куда Багдад

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Бангалор Куда Багдад

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