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Авиабилеты Куда Ахмедабад

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Range of options, from budget to five-star hotels, are available

Getting around

Hail a rickshaw, take a taxi or a public bus

Best time to visit

September to February

Time zone

+5:30hrs GMT


Indian Rupee


Gujarati, Hindi and English

Обнаружить Ахмедабад

Akshardham Temple

The beautiful Akshardham Temple was built in 1992 by Pramukh Swami Maharaj to celebrate the bicentenary of Lord Swaminarayan. The temple complex, occupying a space of 23 acres, includes a garden, three exhibition halls and the temple monument that contains the Murti of Lord Swaminarayan. The monument which forms the main temple building, standing 108 feet tall, 240 feet long and 131 feet wide, is constructed from over 6000 tons of pink sandstone and features domes, pillars and window grills. The Murti, or embodiment of the Divine Spirit, takes the form of a 7 foot gold-plated statue weighing over a ton, depicting the seated Lord Swaminarayan flanked to his left and right by disciples.

Sabarmati Ashram

Sabarmati Ashram, the building complex and farmstead that Mahatma Gandhi and his wife Kasturba Gandhi once called home, has been designated a national monument by the Indian government since the 1960s. The Indian civil rights and independence leader lived here during the 1930 Dandi March, or Salt Satyagraha, which was an important event in the lead-up to full self-government for India. There are several buildings at this site, located on the River Sabarmati, including the Nandini guest house, the Vinoba Kutir cottage, the open-air prayer ground known as Upasana Mandir and the Magan Niwas hut where Gandhi's cousin, the Ashram manager, lived.

Sidi Saiyyed Mosque

The Sidi Saiyyed Mosque was built in 1573, the Gujarat Sultanate's final year, and was only in a partial state of completion by the time of the Mughal invasion. This spectacular mosque, in the city's Lal Dawaja quarter, is famous for its intricate wall and window carvings, often depicting botanical scenes, with the most recognizable of the ten carved windows being the Sidi Saiyyed Jali which has become a symbol of Ahmedabad. The yellow sandstone building, built to a rectangular design, features impressive arches, an interior with roof-supporting pillars as well as a courtyard complete with central water feature.

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Шарджа Куда Ахмедабад

Шарджа Куда Ахмедабад

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Даммам Куда Ахмедабад

Даммам Куда Ахмедабад

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Бахрейн Куда Ахмедабад

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