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Cheap flights to Riyadh 

For an adventure of great discovery, why not take advantage of one of the many cheap flights to Riyadh, the famous capital city of the Kingdom of Saudia Arabia. It's a fascinating city to explore, and there are many great and interesting places to visit. 

An international flight to Riyadh brings you to Terminal 1 of King Khalid International Airport or Terminal 2 if the airline that you're travelling on is Saudia or Flynas. It's a large three-terminal (plus a fourth terminal under construction) airport that is located about 22 miles from the centre of the city. Making your way through Saudia Immigration and Customs Control is straightforward, and transport by taxi to your chosen hotel is easily arranged and only takes around half an hour. After arriving at your hotel, you're then free to enjoy all that Riyadh has to offer. Here are just a few of Riyadh's attractions that are well worth visiting.

The National Museum of Saudia Arabia

Opened in 1999, this is the showcase of Saudi history and culture and is part of the King Abdulaziz Historical Centre. There are multiple exhibitions covering ancient geological formations, early Arabian Kingdoms and Islamic history and culture. Fascinating and highly educational, the National Museum of Saudia Arabia is the kind of place you can get lost in and not mind about it one bit.

Masmak Fortress

Located in central Riyadh's 'old quarters' and dating from 1865, Masmak Fortress, a clay and mud-brick fortification, is an impressive structure that played a very important part in the recent history of Saudia Arabia as it was the scene of the 1902 recapture of Riyadh under King Ibn Saud. It's now a museum that's open every day, but Sundays, Tuesdays and Wednesday are men-only days.

Al Faisaliyah Tower

At almost 900 feet in height, this 44-storey, gleaming, towering edifice in Riyadh's business district takes your breath away as you gaze upon its great height from street level. With shopping complexes, restaurants and a viewing platform with stunning panoramic views over the city, Al Faisalayah Tower is a great place to visit.

Salam Park

For a more relaxed experience, a visit to Salam Park is highly-recommended. Salam Park is a popular picnic location among Riyadh's residents, and there are some excellent boating facilities on the lake. Friday is the busiest day, but there's always a relaxed atmosphere in the park whichever day you choose to go.

Granada Centre

If you're a shopaholic or even just a committed window shopper, the Granada Centre's labyrinth of modern shops will keep you busy. It's a large shopping mall with a good mix of shops, play facilities for kids, restaurants and a food court offering an incredible range of dishes. Avoid visiting on Fridays if you don't like the bustle of crowds of shoppers.

Keep in mind that in Riyadh and throughout Saudia Arabia, there are many places where they have visiting times that are reserved for men only and other times that are reserved for families only, so always check which times are suitable for you. There's so much more that's worth seeing in Riyadh that you'll probably want to return again one day to spend more time in this vibrant city and soak up its modern and historical Arabian charms. 

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Explore Riyadh

Things to do

  1. You can be in King Abdulaziz Historical Center (the National Museum) from 9 am to 12 pm.  This would take you through history and make you relive it.  You can also visit Kind Abdulaziz Center where you can know more about his simple life and see some of his possessions which he received as gifts from other countries’ rulers.  You will surely enjoy watching the antique displays.
  2. You can go to Thumama area to enjoy horse riding and ride motorcycles and to experience the charming nights of Riyadh while the children can play freely.  Then you can have dinner in one of the traditional restaurants.
  3. You go downtown to visit Al-Masmak Fort, from where the city of Riyadh was conquered and watch a documentary about how it was done.