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/ Saudi Arabia


Medinah beautiful and historic city steeped in Islamic and Arab culture and tradition. The International airport is only 15 km from the city and is very well served by public transport. Being such a popular tourist destination Medinah offers a terrific variety of choice when it comes to available accommodation. This extends from luxurious five star, resort based, hotels to more simple budget conscious Bed and Breakfasts. So whether you wish to visit the many holy places, or just soak up the atmosphere of the local culture, there is plenty for the visitor to see and do in this charming and unique city.
Being the burial place of the Prophet Muhammad it is the second most holy place in Islam after Makkah. This makes it a city rich in religious heritage and high in the list of places to visit for everyone of faith, where ever they come from in the world. As well as pilgrims, the wonderful architecture on display everywhere is a draw for all those interested in history.

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Things to do

  1. The Masjid Al-Nabawi  is a  beautiful mosque.. It contains the Green Dome, one of the most wonderful domes in the Islam. This mosque is also known for the beautiful umbrellas.

  2. Mount Uhud consists of a group of mountains with a length of 7 kilometres and is about 3 kilometres wide. At the mountain there are little markets and street vendors are selling all kinds of products. On top of the mountain you will have an incredible view on the other mountains and the landscape around it.

  3. Always wanted a trip through the desert? This is your chance! The trip we recommend is north into the southern part Al Nafud, to the ancient city complex of Mada’in Saleh. This is one of the most amazing sights in the whole Kingdom of Saudi Arabia!