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/ Pakistan


Karachi, the most populous city in Pakistan, presents an interesting and colourful combination of old and new. The city is a bargain hunter’s delight, with a myriad of bazaars selling products such as quilts, folk jewellery, leather products and items made of brass or onyx.

If you're out for a truly unforgettable sample of culture, and a break that will stimulate every one of your senses, there is no better option than a cheap flight to Karachi via Air Arabia. Before landing at Jinnah International Airport, situated a stone's throw away from the centre of the city, you'll soar over miles of beautiful, sparkling ocean to this paradise on the southern coast of Pakistan. Called the city of lights by many, Karachi is an incredible, vibrant city where there's always something going on, and a unique corner of the world filled with dozens of different cultures, people, and environments all contributing to one awe-inspiring place.


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Explore Karachi

Things to do

1. Mazar-e-Quaid, or the National Mausoleum, refers to the tomb of the founder of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah. It is an iconic symbol of Karachi.

2. Visit the restored Mohatta Palace for a glimpse in to the country’s rich heritage.

3. The Chaukhandi graveyard is a well preserved area that spreads over two square miles and contains tombs of warriors from Saloch families dating back to AD17th and 18th centuries.