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Flights to Iran

Lar is the central city of Larestan county in Fars province. Originally named Lad after the person who founded the city, it was considered to be a major stop along the road to the Persian Gulf. Its Bazaar of Qaisariye is so famous that a few years ago it was nominated for Unesco’s World Heritage list.


Mashhad is arguably Iran's holiest city and the capital of Razavi Khorasan province. Mashhad is located 850 kilometres North East of Tehran and has population of more than two million.


The cradle of royal civilisation of the world and of Persian History, it holds splendour and the magnificent ruins of Persepolis and Passargade (550-330 B.C). The illustrious 1000-year-old city of Shiraz is a cultural centre and home to the famous mystic poets Saadi and Hafez.


In day the city is very lively and you feel it close to other metropolis, there are many museums worth visiting, restaurants, shopping centres and fast foods. People like to socialise also in cafés, parks and tea houses.