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Inflight magazine

Al Nawras is Air Arabia’s in-flight magazine that keeps you up to speed with all the happenings on the ground. The magazine will inform you about the latest aviation reports, especially pertaining to Air Arabia and its destinations, as well as keep you amused with its in-depth travel features, general entertainment news, motoring activities and health tips. The lifestyle section covers movies, music and fashion. For Air Arabia’s young flyers, we have reserved a special section for them to enjoy.


Download the February 2017 UAE edition of the magazine.
Download the January 2017 UAE edition of the magazine.


Download the February 2017 Morocco edition of the magazine.
Download the January 2017 Morocco edition of the magazine.

Where we fly

Where we fly

We fly you to over 101 destinations spread across the Middle East, North Africa, Asia and Europe.

Flight schedules

Flight schedules

Select your departing and arriving destinations to view information on Air Arabia monthly flights.

Booking channels

Booking channels

Air Arabia avails a wide range of booking channels that make your life just easier! You can simply choose what is closer and more convenient to you.