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Hyderabad is jam-packed with fantastic attractions, great hotels and a lively social scene. A popular tourist spot is Necklace Road, a scenic boulevard where you can sample local culinary delights and shop for souvenirs.

Hyderabad Rajiv Gandhi International Airport

AIr Arabia allows you to reap the benefits of cheap flights to Hyderabad available now. You could soon be arriving at the modern Hyderabad Rajiv Gandhi International Airport where free wi-fi services are available as well as a wide variety of places to shop and eat. There are also a number of business lounges with conference facilities, shower facilities and napping areas to enable travellers to freshen up. You can even use the massage service to begin or end your journey in a relaxed and comfortable way. The airport is sited 22km (14 miles) from the city and you can choose to rent a car, take a taxi or use the luxurious express bus service to your destination.

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Things to do

A Mixture of Old and New
Founded in 1591, the beautiful old city of Hyderabad is steeped in history and tradition. It is often referred to as ‘The City of Pearls’ due to its heritage as a centre for diamond and pearl trading. Modern Hyderabad, however, is one of the IT capitals of India housing the Indian headquarters of Google and Microsoft. It is also home to Genome Valley, a 600 square kilometre high-technology business district containing many Global Centres of Excellence in Research and Development in the field of biomedical research.

A City of Many Attractions
Whether you are a business traveller or a tourist taking a flight to Hyderabad, there are a number of attractions in the city which are not to be missed. The centrepiece of the old city is the Charminar (four towers), an impressive monument and mosque on the east bank of Musi river whose ornate minarets overlook the Charminar district. To the west of the Charminar lies the bustling Laad Bazaar which has been selling bangles, saris and jewellery for centuries. If you are seeking more modern produce the Inorbit Mall has a delightfully diverse range of shops. Hyderabad is home to the Telugu film industry which is the second largest film producer in India. The film studios describe themselves as ‘the land of a million dreams’ and are a place where you can lose yourself in the colourful world of Bollywood (or, more accurately, Tollywood) movies.

For a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle, Birlar Mandir is a beautiful, marble temple where visitors can find peace and serenity as well as incredible views across the city due to its hilltop location. Enjoy browsing diverse historic artefacts from the city’s rich culture in the Salar Jung Museum, where you can also experience the striking of a most unusual clock. Take a short trip to experience the impressive majesty of the Golkonda Fort from India’s Qutub Shahi dynasty.

This is only a fraction of what Hyderabad has to offer but with such cheap flights to Hyderabad you could soon experience this amazing city of pearls and diamonds for yourself.