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Flights to Dammam

/ Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is now more accessible than ever, with cheap flights to Dammam giving visitors the chance to visit this beautiful and historic destination.


Our flights will bring you into the King Fahd International Airport; the world’s largest airport covering an area larger than Bahrain. Facilities within the airport include a mosque, an excellent shopping concourse, restaurants and a hotel. There are a large number of tax-free shopping areas for stocking up on a variety of goods. Visited by over 7,000,000 people per year, and with links to a large number of connecting destinations, this is the ideal place to arrive as a start to your exploration of Saudi Arabia.

Al Khobar Beach

Once visitors have landed, there are several attractions of note to visit. The Half Moon Beach is in Al Khobar, and less than an hour away from the airport by road. This is one of the best beaches in the Eastern Province, and with clean sand opening on to crystal clear waters, a fantastic place to relax. Those with sporting aspirations can also enjoy the surf, which provides great entertainment.

Corniche of Dammam

Just along the coast is Corniche of Dammam, another choice spot on the sea-front with access to many restaurants, stunning views of the local architecture and natural features of the sea, and a picturesque boardwalk which is popular with many visitors as a place to enjoy a leisurely stroll with friends and family. The area is busy during weekends, but has been recently developed and is clean and modern. It is not possible to enter the water from here, but there are plenty of things to keep you occupied, whether it is one of the many seaside restaurants, or a barbeque with your family. There are spacious grass fields where football, kite-flying and cycling are just some of the activities that people are seen to enjoy. For visitors with an interest in health and fitness, the boardwalk provides the ideal place to go jogging.

Tarout Island

For those with a love of history, Tarout Island is the place to visit; with a heritage extending as far back as 5,000 BCE, architectural finds here have included ancient statues, carved vessels, instances of writing, as well as the dwellings in which island inhabitants lived their lives. A tour of the island by car will reveal a fascinating range of buildings, with modern architecture built alongside ancient structures. Tarout Castle is a key attraction on the island, and thought to have been contstructed 2,500 years ago by the Phoenicians. Built on the tallest part of land on Tarout Island, this was a key defensive structure in a number of conflicts throughout history. The castle consists of four towers and a courtyard with a deep well, which helped inhabitants in times of siege. Important finds have been made here, including weapons and other historical material.

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Explore Dammam

Things to do

  1. The most famed destination in this city is the Dammam Corniche, which comprises an enormous part of the seaside stretching project ranging from the Aziziah Beach to the Tarot Island. Dispersed on this area are modern art pieces that make the place more picturesque. This is considered a perfect spot to relax and unwind with family and friends as there are other exciting features that are being offered— gaming and sport facilities and clubs.

  2. A number of beaches are also found in the region such as the Half Moon Bay. From the name itself, the beach is semi-circular in shape with two amusement parks where the kids could enjoy. Aside from beaches, you could also experience nature by visiting King Fahd Park. It is a haven, which is over a million square kilometer wide, booming with millions of trees, flowers and decorative pools that could take stress away. Other than this, there are also smaller parks where you could bring your friends and family alike to.

  3. If you want to learn more not only about Dammam but also about the whole country’s history and culture, they say that visiting national museums is a must. Dammam National Museum located in the districts’ public library, for instance, gives you a glimpse of the remnants and relics of the past that speak so much about the country’s colorful history.