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Flightst to Basra

/ Iraq


A town located near the Shatt al-Arab river in southern Iraq, a predominantly Arab town possessing a rich political, cultural, and economic history.

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Explore Basra

Things to do

  1. The old mosque of Basra, the first mosque in Islam outside the Arabian peninsula. Sinbad Island is located in the center of Shatt Al-Arab, near the Miinaalmakl, and extends above the bridge Khaled and is a tourist landmark.

  2. Palm tree forests are largely located on the shores of shatt-al Arab waterway, especially in the nearby village of Abu Al-Khasib.

  3. Indian Market (Amogaiz) is one of the main bazaars in the city. It is called the Indian Market, since it had Indian vendors working there at the beginning of the last century.