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Borg El Arab International Airport

Borg El Arab International Airport became the principal airport of Alexandria from December 2010 when all traffic was transferred from Alexandria International Airport. The airport consists of a new passenger building and an administration building. The passenger terminal is designed in the shape of a boat and consists of three floors:

  • Ground floor: allocated for checking in and luggage handling. 
  • Second floor: allocated for arrivals, both domestic and international, in addition to administrative offices and airlines offices. 
  • Third floor: allocated for departures, both domestic and international, immigration procedures and a VIP hall. Commercial activities are spread among the three floors. 
  • Four movable gates connect the terminal building to aircraft.

The airport has the capacity to handle 1.2 million passengers per year becoming Alexandria’s central airport.


Coach services

Coach services

Air Arabia is pleased to offer passengers a choice of alternative cost-effective travel options, particularly with coach transfers so that they are able to connect easily to the airport.

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Flight schedules

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Founded by Alexander the Great in 331BC, Alexandria has a rich cultural heritage. Although marvels such as the Lighthouse of Alexandria